For over forty years, FIAM, Fabbrica Italiana Arredi Metallici, has been passionately crafting objects to give shape to the pleasure of living in comfortable spaces.

This success goes back a long way, to the time when Francesco Favagrossa, a young mechanic, was expressing himself in a speciality that is very fashionable today: re-use. He collected demolished American military motorbikes and reassembled them, creating an original 'patchwork motorbike' that he sold before it was finished. 

In 1975, with his sons Ennio and Silvio, he offered his first metal objects for outdoor use and, even today, each product expresses this intention of sobriety and relevance to the essential, which FIAM and its founder have always pursued.

Intuition, method, tenacity, continuous research into technical solutions and hard work are the backbone of a company that believes in unquestionable quality and totally Italian production. 

Over the years, FIAM has achieved important technical innovations, millions of units have been requested worldwide and quality certifications have been obtained.

Today, FIAM produces clean energy and their choices have become increasingly attentive to respect for the environment. 

Logistics have been optimised by rationalising transport and restocking is increasingly responsive to customer needs.


Thanks to its strategic position in one of the most important industrial areas in Italy and Europe, to the professionalism and experience of its technicians and, above all, to its top-quality outdoor furniture products, FIAM reaches a large number of customers who want to furnish their gardens with designer and functional furniture.


Each FIAM product is conceived and designed with the aim of studying and applying the most advanced technical solutions to achieve the perfect combination of design and practicality.

The materials used, whether for structures, fabrics or accessories, are carefully selected for maximum lightness, strength and durability, both indoors and out.

Forty years on, everything that was essential then is essential now.