In our range of FIAM outdoor furniture, you'll find a wide choice of garden and patio furniture made from a variety of materials. All materials used are 100% suitable for outdoor use. 

Aluminium and steel structures can be painted in a variety of colours to offer customers a wide choice of customisation options.

Product coverings, whether Texfil, Olefin® or PVC, are also available in a range of colours to match your taste and décor.

Please refer to the information sheets for each product to see the colours available on our site. If you have any specific requests, please contact us using the contact form.

You'll find all the information you need about materials and care here.

For structures


Easy to work with, steel is attractive for its durability, strength and sobriety. It is only sold painted to withstand the outdoor environment.


Very light and durable, aluminium is elegant and timeless. It can be easily adapted for outdoor use, so it stands up to the test of time. It can be painted or untreated.

Wood (Beech)

The robustness of wood is one of its greatest strengths. It also adds a warm, aesthetic touch.

For coatings


Texfil is a micro-perforated fabric made from PVC-coated polyester yarn and heat-sealed. It provides excellent stability and load resistance. It makes up the vast majority of coverings for FIAM products. The plastic coating gives the fabric its physical strength and colour fastness, even when exposed to UV light and bad weather. It is therefore particularly suitable for outdoor use. 

It is easy to wash with soapy water.


Made from Olefine®, an anti-dust mite fabric that inhibits the proliferation of micro-organisms between the fibres, eliminating the risk of respiratory and skin allergies. Its special structure also makes it resistant to mould, fungi and bacteria that are harmful to health and cause unpleasant odours. This material is used in all the cushions and quilted covers in the SOFT ranges. 

It has passed the most advanced laboratory tests, guaranteeing high resistance to light and abrasion. Cushions made from this fabric and stuffed with polyester are breathable, water-repellent and washable.


Only found in the SPAGHETTI range, PVC is highly load-resistant.

The extruded PVC threads give the seat elasticity and ensure perfect seating comfort. 

Particularly suitable for outdoor use, it can be washed with soap and water.


Although these products are suitable for outdoor use, it is advisable to store them in a dry place, away from frost and bad weather, during the winter period.

Most products can be folded for easy storage.