A few tips when you receive your order.

Before the carrier leaves, we recommend that you check the condition of the goods on receipt and report any problems on the delivery note.

N.B.: The words "damaged cartons" or "subject to unpacking" have no value and will not be followed up in the event of a dispute.

If you notice one or more damaged, broken or open packages, we invite you to check the condition of the product inside. Please also check that all parts are present in the packaging, in correlation with the instructions.

If any anomaly is identified, please contact us as soon as possible via our contact form or by email at or by telephone on 03 26 39 90 98, providing the necessary information according to the problem encountered (see table below).

All products have been packaged to protect them during transport and handling. Please take the utmost care when unpacking to avoid damaging the products.


FIAM products have a 5-year legal guarantee.

In the event of after-sales service on a product, we will encourage the replacement of the defective or damaged part(s) only.

Unless otherwise advised by us, any damaged product will be recovered by us.


Please send the documents listed in the table below by email to

* Please use the instructions included with the product and highlight the missing part(s).


We have a catalog of spare parts (screws, bits, etc.) for almost all our products, which can be bought back and replaced.

If your product is no longer under warranty, you can always order spare parts.

To do so, please send us your request via our contact form or at, specifying the reference number of the item concerned, or go directly to our website under the "After-Sales Service" tab to order the part of your choice.

All after-sales requests will be processed and answered as quickly as possible.


HEOL Commercialization provides a legal guarantee of conformity on all products offered for a period of 5 years from the date of purchase of the product.

The warranty covers manufacturing defects only, and does not cover scratches, or any defect or deterioration caused by or resulting from poor maintenance or abnormal use of the product.

Also excluded are the consequences of natural disasters, vandalism or other causes for which we are not responsible. Similarly, the natural evolution of living products such as wood (cracks, discoloration, etc....) is excluded from the warranty.