Over the years, FIAM has made significant technical innovations to its working methods. Thanks to a process of continuous and constant research and development over the years, we have obtained quality certifications that are very important for our sector.

FIAM, at its Ghedi site, generates its own energy using a modern photovoltaic system. Their choices are focused on responsible production with low environmental impact, ensuring the best possible energy efficiency and minimising waste.

FIAM considerably reduces its environmental impact thanks to the excellent quality of its products and their long service life. 

In addition to offering a service that is unequalled in the industry, FIAM offers a catalogue of spare parts providing a simple and effective renewal and maintenance option that can give your time-worn furniture a new lease of life. 

The products are certified and designed to offer a unique user experience. Materials and finished products are strictly controlled, with a return and breakage rate close to zero (compared with an industry average of between 3% and 5%).

FIAM is driven by a desire to get to the essence of things, to design while remaining focused on the functionality and aesthetics of the products.

The raw materials used are recycled or recyclable and produced exclusively in Europe in compliance with environmental regulations.

The brand favours the use of Italian raw materials for greater flexibility and to minimise the environmental impact of their transport. It also favours rail transport and always optimises the number of items per load.