FIAM manufactures outdoor furniture with a focus on functionality, offering simple, practical, high-quality products. 

Quality, comfort and design have been FIAM's watchwords since the company was founded. By creating flagship products such as the FIESTA and the AMIGO, the brand has established itself over the years as a recognised leader in the outdoor sector.

The entire production chain is rigorously Made in Italy, from the most avant-garde technical solutions to the choice of materials, including meticulous control of the various processing stages, to guarantee customers maximum safety and solidity. 

The materials used, whether for structures, fabrics or accessories, are carefully selected for unrivalled strength and durability, both indoors and out.

With this Made in Italy supply chain, FIAM is able to guarantee a high level of quality and control over the origin of its products. It also makes a significant contribution to the sustainability of its products by reducing transport distances and covering a large proportion of its energy needs with photovoltaic systems.


These were already advanced products, but Francesco Favagrossa felt that much more could be done for this sector: in the early 1990s, he created the AMIGO, a product recognised today as emblematic and which many on the market are still trying to imitate.

The AMIGO is a revolutionary product that won the German Design Council's Iconic Awards 2019.


On 20 February 2017, FIAM received the "CRIBIS PRIME COMPANY" maximum business relationship reliability recognition, a dynamic and constantly updated indicator of the company's reliability.


UNI EN 581-3:2017 specifies the minimum requirements for product safety, resistance and durability.


CATAS certification consists of surface quality, safety, resistance and durability tests.

- Measurement of pressure distribution with the XSENSOR instrument

- Seating UNI EN 1022 - Determination of stability

- UNI EN 12520 Strength, durability and safety - Requirements for domestic seats

- UNI EN 16139 Strength, durability and safety - Requirements for non-domestic seats

- Seating UNI EN 1728 - Test methods for determining strength and durability

- UNI EN 581 Mechanical safety requirements and test methods for camping, domestic and community chairs and tables.